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Cairo International Bank update information
About Us
CIB is a growing financial institution in Uganda since 1995. CIB employs over 100 multitalented employees with various disciplines such as leadership, self-driven, problem solving and team work. CIB does not discriminate based on gender, age, disabilities, race and status.
Qualified personnel with relevant experience and professional competencies will be recruited to man the activities and functions of the bank that persons recruited are of high integrity and honesty as will be testified by responsible people who have known / employed the applicants.
Word from the Managing Director
Dear customers/prospect customers,
We are always glad to serve you. You have contributed to our growth for the last 17 years and we hope that you to have grown too, in businesses, careers or achieved set goals in self improvements and financial freedom. My team is customer focused, professional, enterprising and innovative enough to handle your banking. We welcome you to bank with us for you who are choosing to join us now and we thank those that have already been with us through the years.

Cairo International Bank core values
Banque du Caire
30 Rushidi Street | Cairo – Egypt
Banque du Caire is a full-service bank based in Egypt, combining the heritage of more than half a century of Egyptian banking expertise with modern practices and technology.
Established in the middle of the 20th century, Banque du Caire has been providing the Egyptian public with the highest level of banking services for over sixty years. Looking forward, Banque du Caire will continue providing the products and services that satisfy the needs of the Egyptian public.
Cairo International Bank banque du caire
Kato Aromatic SAE
8 Ahmed Nessim Street | Giza – Egypt
Since its founding in 1971, the institution has grown to become a world leader in producing and exporting natural, noble Egyptian products for the flavors and fragrances industry.
Through research and development, massive production and marketing programs, Kato has earned a position of leadership worldwide in its traditional business, namely, the production and exporting of Egyptian essential oils, concretes, absolutes, natural isolates, flavors and fragrances compounding.
Cairo International Bank kato aromatic
National Bank Of Egypt
1187 Corniche El Nile | Cairo – Egypt
National Bank of Egypt (NBE) is the oldest and largest bank in Egypt, and has 405 branches within the country, including 131 in Cairo. Has a subsidiary in London - National Bank of Egypt, branches in New York and Shanghai, and a representative offices in Johannesburg and Dubai.
According to the July 2007 issue of the Banker, in terms of total assets, NBE ranks 226th among the top 1000 world banks and ranks 3rd among the Arab banks.
Cairo International Bank national bank of egypt
Bank Misr
151 Mohamed Farid Street | Cairo – Egypt
92 years ago, the great Egyptian economist, Mohamed Talaat Pasha Harb , come up with the concept of establishing a bank with a mission. He presented THE IDEAit to the Egyptian society as a whole.This concept was based on investing national savings and directing them towards economic and social development. That bank is BANQUE MISR.
Cairo International Bank banque misr
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